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I've produced artworks that mainly tell my memories and emotions.

I grew up in a nature-rich suburban area with animals and plants. From my childhood experience, I feel "color", "rhythm of shape", and "light" are the most important elements of my artwork.

For developing the personality of "color", I have always chose color mixture with less murky color and particularly paid attention to complementary color balance that enhance each other. In addition, for getting various images in my mind, I have drawn with a conscious awareness of"rhythm of shape" at all time.

​Now, I have painted in the place full of city light. Compared to my childhood, the light of the city, especially the light of the night view has made strong impacts on my artworks. I feel even artificial light has various memories and emotions, and they are also full of color. Neon lighting or the lights of the buildings and street lamps look always the same but their lights always differs according to weather, seasons, or temperature. Under the lights, numerous people have lived with various emotions and sometimes released them. I feel that the beauty of artificial light has memories and emotions of people. When people see the lights, they feel relieved, warmth or loneliness. And they seek healing. I have drawn the scenes as my main theme under the light of the city. 

My precious memories have a shape freely with some transparency and become luminous. I would like to continue to describe twinkle scene of my memory on canvases. 

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